It is with great excitement that we welcome you to this year’s MAXA Camp, Burning Man 2017.

A long, long time ago, in the Huichol desert, the Elders gathered. They were desperate; their people where sick and dying. There was no food, no rain and the grounds were bone-dry. The Elders decided to send four young hunters to find food for the community. Each hunter represented one of the elements: fire, water, air and earth.

Armed with bow and arrow, the hunters walked for days, until… a gigantic deer appeared. The exhausted men instantly forgot their hunger and pain, and chased this majestic animal. The hunters didn’t know that the deer was compassionate and took pity on the starving men, making their pursuit easier at times.

After weeks of chasing, they arrived at the sacred lands of Wirikuta, where the spirit of the earth lives. A large group of peyote plants, glistening like emeralds in the sun, formed the shape of a deer. Confused, one of the hunters released an arrow and hit the plants. This strange event made the hunters decide to bring the peyote plants to the village and the Elders divided them amongst the population. Not soon after, the population cured from illness, hunger and thirst.

The seed of MAXA took root in Wirikuta, in its neon orbed starry nights, its infinite deserts, healing vortexes, midnight fireside chants, arid vegetation and unique fauna. It was here where dreams of sharing the experiences of Hikuri and the Wirradikas families was born. It is here where we received visions of communities living in harmony, of a socially conscious and responsible society. It is thus our greatest honor to be able to share with you our vision, which thanks to your help and collaboration, has become a reality.

Our camp brings the Legend of the Blue Deer to Burning Man. The friendships in our camp are special; some stand for decades, others are more recent. A few years ago, we started gathering. This resulted in the creation of a Burning Man camp, one that was built on shared values, harnessed by creative, spiritual and sensitive souls who all have a deep trust in this project. Some of us are new to the Playa while others have been exploring this magical place for years. At Burning Man, we can explore of our deepest creative and spiritual assets, which outside Black Rock City, don’t always get the chance to exist. When bundling our energies as friends and community, our light shines even brighter.